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Why do you need a personalized optimization report?

Trying to navigate the 567 claiming options1 on your own is nearly impossible. Your personalized report may make getting the proper benefit easier!

Adds Lifetime Benefits
Unlike some calculators that simply show you how much you can increase your monthly benefit, we analyze total lifetime income. This calculation takes into consideration many things including income while working, expected retirement age, additional working years and life expectancy. The result is a comprehensive report that shows you how optimize benefits and lifetime income.

Customized to You
Because no two clients are exactly the same, your report is customized to you. With more than 2,728 rules1 affecting your benefit calculation, it is very important that your situation is handled individually. Our no obligation report takes into account your retirement goals, timeline and personal situation to show you a custom report. Whether you are single, married, widowed or divorced, your report shows you the information you need to make an informed claiming decision.

Personalized Analysis
In a recent survey, just 22% of financial professionals considered themselves “very knowledgeable” about how the Social Security system works1. Even if you are working with a professional on your retirement planning the majority of financial professionals cannot show you when and how to file to get the optimized Social Security benefit. Rather than relying on outdated methods for Social Security help, your report provides you access to a personalized analysis from financial professionals educated on social security benefits.

Compares Hundreds of Strategies
Did you know there are 567 ways1 to claim Social Security Benefits? Most people understand that claiming early gets you smaller checks sooner and that claiming later gets you bigger payments in the future. But our reporting software examines the hundreds of claiming scenarios available and provides you access to strategies that could increase your benefit payments.

Case Study

Read a real life example of how our no obligation report has made a difference.
If you’ve watched the video on this page, you know the story of Todd and Jane. Although their names have been changed, these are real people who requested their own optimization report and were able to increase the amount of lifetime income they receive from Social Security.
Todd spent his career in the construction business, working his way up from a framer until he was able to start his own business. His wife Jane worked part time at the local hospital while raising the couple’s 2 children. Because Jane was 4 years younger than Todd, the age they aimed to retire was different. Their plan was for Todd to retire at 65 and start taking benefits one year before his full retirement age, and Jane would claim as early as she could at age 62 (one year later). Todd’s expected lifetime income totaled $474,587, and Jane’s would be $336,699 for a total of $811,286.
Report ImageAfter considering their earning history and individual situation their local Your Claiming Strategies professional prepared a Social Security optimization report. With just a few change to their claiming strategy Todd and Jane were able to increase their lifetime benefits. With Todd claiming his benefits at age 66 and electing to suspend payments, his future benefits began increasing by 8% every year. This allowed Jane to claim spousal benefits on Todd’s earnings at age 66, and then begin taking her own benefits at their maximum value when she turns 70.
These changes increased Todd’s lifetime benefits to $546,203, and Jane will receive $451,527 over her lifetime. That’s an additional $186,444 of Social Security benefits. If you’re approaching retirement and beginning to think about when and how to file for Social Security, it’s important to understand your options so you may feel confident in your claiming decision since benefit selection is a one-time opportunity. Spending the time to receive your own Social Security optimization report, and investing in the resources available in our store could help you and your family during retirement.