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At Your Social Security answers we use reporting software to examine the details of your situation to prepare your no obligation report. The result is an informative 24 page report that details your claiming options giving you the potential to receive more income from Social Security.
The complete report gives you a comprehensive perspective of your benefit options and includes all of the following items:
  • Analyzes all 567 claiming options
  • Takes into account your marital status: married, single, divorced, widowed
  • Shows you the income benefits for you and your spouse at every age
  • Complete taxation report
  • Early vs Late report
  • Optimized strategy report
  • Compares your current benefit claiming plans to optimized strategy report
  • More than 6 pages of informative explanations reviewing each item in the report
If you want even more information on the current status of the Social Security system, to learn more about when you should claim, or to read what economists have to say about your benefits, be sure to check out our book bundle on the store page.